Gigi on Broadway – First day

Vanessa Hudgens 01

Hi Lovebugs !
The first representation of “Gigi” took place yesterday at the Kennedy Center. You can find in the gallery a lot of pictures and videos of the last rehearsals, backstage, and Vanessa leaving the Kennedy Center. Enjoy !

EDIT : I took the pics of rehearsals and show back because photography taping isn’t permitted inside.

“The Washington Post” Photoshoot by Jesse Dittmar


Hi Lovebugs !
Vanessa made a photoshoot for “The Washington Post“. Here is an extract of the article that you can read here :

Hudgens is, in person, approachable. She doesn’t sulk or ask for special treatment. It is hard to distinguish the playful laughter she delivers while in character at rehearsals from the giggle she offers in conversation.

“Vanessa’s just a ball of happiness,” says actress Laura New, a close friend. “I’ve never seen her grumpy.”

“She is literally the warmest, sweetest person in the world,” adds Victoria Clark, the stage vet who plays Gigi’s grandmother in the production.

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